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2016 has been a great year. So many things happened in that year some of which bought so much of excitement to our lives. It included the formaton of our club - " JOY Club ". On the new year's eve, we organised a party foe the people around. Is there anything more critical to an event planner's process than planning, planning and planning some more? Having big idea is great, but they're nothing without rolling your sleeves up and getting sown to the actual planning that goes into any big event or programe. And at the wnd of the day that's everything. So with lots of planning we come out with the new year's eve's event which included Games, DJ, Bonfire, Food and many more. At exact mid night the king and the queen i.e. the best male and the best female of the night were to cut the cake. We had positive response from the people around and we were motivated to do another event like this. We had a great time working for the happiness of the people and we wish to do the same in the future.


Our codeline - " IINSPIRATION INOVATION IMPLEMENTATION " describe what are actual motive is. We get inspired various stream such as the people who have previously witnessed our event, our parents and various other things. Then comes innovation. We put together our ideas and bring changes in them to best the people because event management is an occasion for which we gather people so celebrate, dicuss, display, create or build something innovative. Implementation is too very important. However, managing an event is a challenging job which requires untiring commitment and dedication from the management team which you can completely expect from us. The worked build up as the date of the event gets near and near before you even know it, everything is implemented. It is thus a relentless and challenging effort with no time of relaxation. Thus, with our great efforts and endless works will always come up with the best event for you.

– Prateek Nahata

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